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ACV Gummies & Papaya Leaf Extract Gummies - Premium Potent Apple Cider Vinegar Supplement - Iodine Infused & Vitamins B6 B12 – Platelets Hair Skin & Heart friendly


Potent Formula: Power-packed with 1000mg Apple Cider Vinegar and 450mg 10:1 Papaya Leaf Extract, our gummies offer unparalleled care:  detox, digestion, immunity. Alternative to Keto ACV Gummies. Nutrient-Rich ACV Gummy Bears: We crafted ACV and Papaya Leaf gummies with enriched blend of Vitamin B6, B12 and Iodine. Have you ever...

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Dresses Size Chart

Dress Size Chart (Inch)
XS 0 31"-32" 24"-25" 34"-35"
S 2-4 33"-34" 26"-27" 36"-37"
M 6-8 35"-36" 28"-29" 38"-39"
L 10-12 37"-39" 30"-32" 40"-42"
XL 14 40"-42" 33"-35" 43"-45"
Dress Size Chart (cm)
XS 0 78.7-81.2 60.9-63.5 86.3-88.9
S 2-4 83.8-86.3 66-68.5 91.4-93.9
M 6-8 88.9-91.4 71.1-73.6 96.5-99
L 10-12 93.9-99 76.2-81.2 101.6-106.6
XL 14 101.6-106.6 81.2-88.9 109.2-114.3

Swimwear Size Chart

Dress Size Chart (Inch)
XS 0 31"-32" 24"-25" 33"-34"
S 2 33"-34" 26"-27" 35"-37"
M 4 35"-36" 28"-29" 37"-38"
L 6 37"-39" 30"-32" 39"-41"
XL 8 40"-42" 33"-35" 42"-44"

Shoes Size Chart

5 35-36 3 3.5 21.5 35
5.5 36 3.5 4 22 35.5
6 36-37 4 4.5 22.5 36
6.5 37 4.5 5 23 36.5
7 37-38 5 5.5 23.5 37
7.5 38 5.5 6 24 37.5
8 38-39 6 6.5 24.5 38
8.5 39 6.5 7 25 38.5
9 39-40 7 7.5 25.5 39
9.5 40 7.5 8 26 39.5
10 40-41 8 8.5 26.5 40
11 41-42 9 9.5 27.5 41


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  • Potent Formula: Power-packed with 1000mg Apple Cider Vinegar and 450mg 10:1 Papaya Leaf Extract, our gummies offer unparalleled care:  detox, digestion, immunity. Alternative to Keto ACV Gummies.
  • Nutrient-Rich ACV Gummy Bears: We crafted ACV and Papaya Leaf gummies with enriched blend of Vitamin B6, B12 and Iodine. Have you ever thought of metabolic function of your body or daily energy levels?
  • Sugar-Conscious Papaya Leaf Gummies & ACV: Savor the sweetness without the sugar rush; each gummy contains only 0.7g of natural sugars, perfect for a guilt-free supplement routine. Alternative product to Keto Drops ACV Gummies.
  • ACV & Fruit Flavors Rainbow: Delight in our gourmet mix of lemon, strawberry, orange, pineapple, cherry, and apple flavors, crafted from natural sources for a delicious daily boost.
  • Purity in Every ACV Gummy Bear: Manufactured in the USA. We are commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Enjoy a formula free from artificial additives, made with organic and non-GMO ingredients.

In the arena of wellness, our ACV Gummies and Papaya Leaf Gummies stand as champions, offering a potent blend of natural vigor and nutritional mastery. Designed by professionals for the discerning individual seeking a better self-care approach. Our Papaya Leaf Gummies and ACV gummies are a beacon of purity and potency. It is an alternative to Keto Plus ACV Gummies and water loss Keto Gummy Bears.
With a symphony of natural flavors and a nutrient-dense formula our ACV + Papaya Leaf Gummies promise not only to serve you but also to delight your palate and promise to be an alternative to Keto Drops ACV and ACV-Keto Gummies & AC Keto Gummies.
Embrace the essence of well-being, embodied in every gummy.
50 Servings per pack. Serving size is 1 gummy bear.
Take 1-2 gummies at a time after a meal.

Papaya Leaf Extract Supplement Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Keto Drops ACV and ACV-Keto Gummies & AC Keto Gummies Keto Plus ACV Detox Immune Support Gummies Vitamin B6 B12 Iodine

  • Natural Flavored Gummies
  • Sugar-Free Gummies
  • Organic Vegan Gummies
  • Non-GMO ACV Gummy
  • ACV from The MOTHER

50 servings - 50 gummies - 50 bears

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Delicious ACV Papaya extract Gummies

These gummies are delicious and contain apple cider vinegar and papaya for weight loss and digestion.

Barbara Griffiths
Great flavor, texture is a bit of a turn off for some of the people in the household

I love the flavor of these gummies! However, some of the people in my household did not like the texture of them. As these are vegan gummies, they don't have gelatin in them, so the "gummy" part is a basic pectin, which gives them a different texture than what most people would expect. If you're not a texture-sensitive person, I recommend giving these a try because the flavor is strong and delicious!


Features & Consideration:
Delicious mild fruity flavor, with the ever so slightest of aftertaste
No reference whether ingredients laboratory tested
Label noted these are vegan
Did “not” stick to my teeth
Unknown where formulated
Unknown where exactly made
Natural fruit flavors
No reference if made within GMP certified factory
No reference whether made within FDA inspected factory
Not a childproof lid
Unknown if gluten free
Sugar absent from ingredient list
Firm exterior and interior
Just over ¾” long and just under ½” thick
No reference that these are for children

I like the taste, very mild fruit flavors, and the textures are smooth, not sticky, and firm; value is reasonable, at under $10 for (50) gummies.

Common sense
The need to consult a healthcare professional prior to anyone taking any supplement is pure common sense, although this product’s miniscule label had no caution.

The Great Debate
The science is out there. Now whether there are health benefits using this product will not be outlined or debated here, as the reader can make that conclusion independently. Notwithstanding, this writer wanted to take advantage of those benefits I understand are associated with taking a supplement marketed to support metabolism, skin, and gut health. In this instance, through eating a gummy that has Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and or Papaya.

What have I received?
A plastic mylar type bag, heat sealed, however, this is not child proof, which I do not like.

Size of bag?
The mylar type heat sealed bag is near 7” x 4½” x 1”.

Weight of bag?
Just over 5 ¼” ounces; near 151.20 grams.

What’s unusual?
That these were bagged, rather than within a traditional hard plastic vitamin bottle.

The bag reseals by way of a press to seal strip. There is “no” child protection lid to keep children from thinking these are fruit gummies and getting access to them.

How many did I get?
(50) gummies, a near two (2) month supply, when taking one (1) a day, as suggested on the bag.

Aroma & Taste
There are no unpleasant odors, rather a mild fruity aroma. Whether real or imagined, there was a near imperceptible aftertaste from this supplement, which I did not find objectionable.

I had “no” tummy issues from taking these.

Each gummy weighed in at about 2½ to 3 grams.

How many?
I think there is more than (50) in a bag, based on average weight of each gummy and the overall weight of the bag.

The gummies are just over ¾” long and just under ½” thick. Size did vary.

Look & Texture
They have the size, look, and milder taste of a true gummy. Their texture is smooth and firm to hard. The gummies did stick to my teeth quite a bit as I chewed them.

Added cane sugar?
No – as confirmed in the label.

Date of manufacture?

Expiration date?
July 30, 2026.

When received?
March 2024

I opine they are.

Formulated where, and made where?
Uncertain, there is no reference, on the label, where these were “made” nor where the ingredients were sourced from. Made for, is not the same as manufactured where, that’s a negative for me.

No child-proof lid, unknown location of manufacture and where ingredients were sourced from, and other small bits of information that were lacking make this a strong four (4) stars for me.

I hope my thoughts added information.

No aftertaste or heartburn

Absolutely revolutionary discovery for me. Usually I have heartburn after ACV products, those gummies have no that side effect. Amazing

Ronny K
ACV gummies and Papaya leaf extract. Wow

Packed with benefits for the gut and skin